Screen Queensland seeks nominations for new diversity taskforce

The taskforce will develop a three-year diversity plan for the screen funding body, and help guide strategic goals. Applications are open now.

Screen Queensland is calling for nominations for its new Equity and Diversity Taskforce. This is part of the screen industry body’s broader commitment to supporting a more diverse screen industry, and the production of diverse stories for film, television and games. 

The primary role of the task force is to develop a three-year Diversity Plan that will guide Screen Queensland’s strategic goals and measurable performance targets for systemic change. 

Five to eight members will be selected from within and outside of the screen industry to begin work in July. The Taskforce will meet four times a year, two in person and two via teleconference, and selected members should have demonstrated expertise in anti-racism, anti-discrimination and diversity action.

Screen Queensland CEO Kylie Munnich said the Taskforce would also work with communities members and representatives of the industry to ensure a wide range of expertise is represented within the Diversity Plan, which will be reviewed and endorsed by Screen Queensland’s Board.

‘Increasing diversity and inclusion in the Queensland screen industry is a key priority for Screen Queensland and establishing a Taskforce with representation from diverse groups with a shared commitment to this goal is a critical first step. 

‘Both globally and locally, the screen industry has had to evolve significantly in order to be more representative of the wider community and there is still much work to be done,’ Ms Munnich said.

The Screen Queensland Equity and Diversity Taskforce will:

Create a detailed Diversity Plan which lays out key objectives, actions, responsibilities, timeframes, outcomes and measurements and will provide a template to measure Screen Queensland’s outcomes against strategic goals.

Provide a safe forum for representatives from the screen industry, equalities groups and civil society to meet and develop, review, update and oversee a Diversity Plan

Review the delivery, success and impact of the Diversity Plan regularly, including through a mid-term review.

Advise SQ’s CEO and leadership team on equality and diversity-related issues faced by specific communities and/or groups;

Advocate on anti-discrimination practices, and recommend other training and workshops for SQ

Advise during any reviews of SQ’s funding guidelines and assessment processes

Please contact Screen Queensland if you require accommodations to be made to the application process.

You can nominate yourself or someone else before 18 June.

Jini Maxwell is a writer and curator who lives in Naarm. They are an assistant curator at ACMI, where they also host the Women & Non-binary gamers club. They write about videogames and the people who make them. You can find them on Twitter @astroblob