New Zealand documentary conference open to Australians

Starting on Friday 29 May, the New Zealanders are bathing in sessions about documentary craft and passion. Australians can join in, several hours later each day until June 1.

The annual Doc Edge Forum is New Zealand’s particular take on the practice of documentary, and still has a distinctive flavour despite decades of homogenisation in the international marketplace. 

It runs from May 29 to June 1, costs $100, and is streamed online. 

As the organisers say, 

‘In a time of extraordinary disruption, the Forum will focus on the positive: opportunities that the new normal creates, new and effective ways to engage with audiences, how to be together alone, and rapidly-emerging trends in distribution strategy as the world – and our own filmmaking place in it – move even further online.’

The Forum will also shine a light on issues facing the local documentary industry and some very rapid and creative responses to those.

Seventeen sessions for $100 (or probably $93 in AU$) is excellent value, and you don’t have to burp up a single cent to travel. Share the price with your loved ones if you sit at either end of the sofa.

Go here to tempt yourself. Alex Lee, the festival director, was interviewed on Radio New Zealand and the result is very endearing.

Sadly the substantial film festival which starts on June 10 is ‘not available in your country’ to quote the maddening sticker on every single film. But it is a handy list of pictures to hunt down when they become available. 

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