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Downton Abbey: A New Era review: this feels like a farewell tour

Beautiful interiors, romantic intrigue, endless rituals of dinners, parties and balls – nothing lasts forever ...

There was no effective cure for syphilis until the beginning of the 20th century. Image: Colin Hutton/ Netflix.

Bridgerton would have brimmed with syphilis

For the 20% of society contracting the STI in 19th-century England, there was generally no hope of recovery.


Attagirl to launch careers of more women, trans and non-binary folk

For Film's Sake enters the second year of the Attagirl incubator program.

The wedding of Scott and Charlene
Opinions & Analysis

Neighbours and the Australian screen industry

The under-threat show has given a start to many writers, directors, producers, actors and crew over 37 years.

Recent d4 Who

BBC fears your entertainment could wither away

Who would be bold enough to predict the future of the BBC? Content will decline, says the UK National Audit…

Electrical discharges off shining man in sky

Box office: Spider-Man winds world in web of dreams

Spider-Man: No Way Back overwhelms the world's box office even beyond the dreams of Hollywood executives.

Crowd of characters in red jupm suits in squid game

Netflix Top Tens – a burst of honest figures

How do your tastes compare with the world? Netflix is releasing weekly top tens, with huge numbers. What do they…


BPG: TOTL in for four

Top of the Lake secures four nominations for the UK's Broadcasting Press Guild Awards.


Top of the Lake: nominations for UKs Broadcasting Press Guild Awards

At last we say, an award governed by Persons of Undoubted Taste. As in "The Broadcasting Press Guild is an…


BAFTAS: anything but British

A well-known British film set in space, with two American leads and a Mexican director, led the pack with 11…

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