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Crowd of characters in red jupm suits in squid game

Netflix Top Tens – a burst of honest figures

How do your tastes compare with the world? Netflix is releasing weekly top tens, with huge numbers. What do they…


Busan: Korean festival holds steady, market grows

The Busan International Film Festival and accompanying industry events Asian Project Market and market BIFCOM closed last week, with numbers…


Korea: Masquerade sweeps awards board

Korea's major awards bash, the Daejong (Great Bell) Film Awards, has awarded Chang-min CHOO's Gwanghae (released as Masquerade overseas) wins…


AFM: Busan market closes with increased attendance

The Korean market event has now closed, claiming increased attendance, numbers of screenings and deals over its 2011 edition.


Busan: new and very shiny

The first edition of the renamed Busan International Film Festival (BIFF), accompanying Asian Film Market (AFM), conference (BIFFCOM) and raft…


KOFIC: global ambition, local budget

Following the recent announcement of a somewhat bizarre incentive scheme by Thailand, Korea follows suit with one of its own.…


Korean Film Council: new broom sweeps out old identity

Less than a fortnight after announcing Kim Eui-suk as its new chair, the Korean Film Council (KOFIC) hits the ground…


Korea: Blue Dragons breathe fire north

A week after North Korea shelled Yeongpyeong island, South Korea's major awards bash awarded its Best Film prize to Secret…

Company Announcements

Pusan: six Australian features and a short

The Pusan International Film Festival in Korea has selected six Australian feature films and an Australian short to screen in…


Korea: making hay while Cannes sun still shines

Cannes saw three Korean films screening in competition this year, two of them picking up prizes. All received theatrical releases…

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