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Perth International Film Festival cancels opening night

In response to the latest outbreaks of COVID-19, Revelation Perth International Film Festival have cancelled their opening night, and the…

Opinions & Analysis

Revelation Film Festival and the shining lights of low-budget indy art

This year, Revelation Perth International Film Festival showcases some low-budget indy adventures in true art according to director Richard Sowada.


Screenwest pushes local angle with new CEO

Rikki Lea Bestall replaces Willie Rowe as CEO in Screenwest at a time of considerable change.


Do I Sound Gay?

First-time filmmaker David Thorpe uses his dislike of the sound of his voice to explore perception, prejudice and sexuality.


Song of the Sea

This bittersweet animated affair is a feature to look at, listen to and luxuriate in for all ages.


Dust on the Tongue (Tierra en la Lengua)

Mendoza's film features a beautiful but unhinged narrative about death, violence, and the bonds of blood relation.


Oh Boy

Oh Boy carves its own niche in the increasingly crowded space of contemplative late-stage coming-of-age efforts.


The Deep

Volcanic eruptions, sinking ships and survival; despite its dramatic subjects this Icelandic drama prefers observation to emotion.


Gimme the Loot

This unpolished cinematic gem about two Bronx grafitti artists is smart, sharp and highly recommended.


Burn: One Year on the Front Lines of the Battle to Save Detroit

A warning of what can happen to cities facing a changing economy, and a celebration of people who fight for…

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