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ABC's 'Reality Bites' is looking for a ‘bold, under the skin, contemporary series’ of 4 to 6 episodes.
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ABC’s ‘Reality Bites’ is looking for a ‘bold, under the skin, contemporary series’ of 4 to 6 episodes.

We strive to give the audience intimately privileged access through the program maker’s eyes into previously unseen worlds.

From deep inside the urban world of the CBD heartland, to a celebration of Australia’s unique environment we are looking first and foremost for stories that are driven by strong characters and a compelling narrative.

Some standout series already commissioned include:

Our Boys – Four stories from the Prime Minister’s Alma Mater Canterbury Boys High School in Sydney’s West.

A CASE FOR THE CORONER A gripping and stylish ‘whodunnit’ documentary series inside the NSW Coroner’s office where a team of forensic scientists, police investigators and grief counsellors, unlock the secrets of the suddenly dead.

Glamorous, exotic and character driven – six young Australian dancers transform from school girl to showgirl over a one year cycle at the most famous cabaret house in the world – the Moulin Rouge in Paris.

The obsession that leads to OPAL FEVER and the dramas that arise out of that obsession – set in the remote and unique South Australian opal mining town of Coober Pedy.

For more information, contact Anita Lane at ABC Documentaries on (02) 8333 4474

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