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Film Review: 'Blood Vessel' is not exactly a pleasure cruise

The made-in-Melbourne tale of terror on the high seas is stronger on atmosphere than genuine fear, but genre fans will…


Film Review: 'Babyteeth' is a complex portrait of youth

This stage play adaptation is a far cry from your typical YA love story, writes Mel Campbell.


Film Review: 'Relic' is an assured cinematic exercise in dread

Natalie Erika James' directorial debut will resonate with anyone who’s witnessed human frailty at confrontingly close quarters.


Film Review: Spike Lee's Da 5 Bloods is a pathos-filled provocation

Lee's latest genre satire takes a complex look at masculinity, violence, fellowship, colonialism, and racial exploitation.


The future of cinemagoing in a post-COVID world

COVID-19 shut down the world. Now restrictions are loosening, how will cinemas bounce back?


Film review: Undertow dives into the monstrous feminine

Writer/director Miranda Nation swims through the choppy waters of gender with this psychological thriller.


Film Review: Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears is one for the fans

It's not a prestige drama or an outright parody, which makes critical assessment tricky, says Mel Campbell.


Film Review: 'Bellbird' is an unhurried story of grief

First-time filmmaker Hamish Bennett has created a gently humorous story about finding strength in yourself through those around you.


Film Review: 'H is for Happiness' is delightful

Refreshingly earnest, this warm and playful family film caught critic Mel Campbell by surprise.


Film Review: Joker misses any punchlines

Soaking in high production values, pop culture winks and easy nihilism, Joker is all tricks and no fun.

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