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Metro magazine’s future under threat

Australia's oldest and most prestigious screen publication is under threat. A campaign hopes to raise funds and find a partner.

Career Advice

7 Podcasts to boost your creativity

Be inspired by these podcasts about the creative process, from Elizabeth Gilbert's 'Magic Lessons' to Seth Godin's 'Akimbo'.


RISING Festival 2023: Melbourne Town Hall to host immersive 360 video, Euphoria

RISING festival is back and bigger than ever, bringing with it a huge cinematic projection experience in Euphoria.


Rudy Jean Rigg: 'every week is Trans Awareness Week for me!'

Rudy Jean Rigg is a non-binary athlete, activist, and content creator best known for the TikTok series Rainbow History Class.…


Amazon Playmakers work on stop-motion film for Starlight Children's Foundation

The Playmakers Save the Holidays was brought to life by Melbourne-based animator and Australian entertainer Johnny Ruffo.


Metamorphoses Film Festival: from Lux Aeterna to Interstella 5555

Static Vision present a specially curated flight of films that intend to transform their audiences.


Australian animation studio will work on new Avatar: The Last Airbender movie

Flying Bark, a Sydney-based studio, will animate the upcoming Avatar film from Paramount and Nickelodeon.


20 TikTok accounts to follow for film lovers

From underseen film recs to in-depth scene breakdowns, there's a TikTok account for movie lovers of all kinds.


Love this! Netflix wants your Two Thumbs Up and here's why

Like, love it, or hate it – Netflix's new feature is a means to collect all-important data on its subscribers'…


TransAthletica: the new TikTok series interrogating gendered sports

TransAthletica focuses on the trans experience in a world of gendered sports, and features the voices of leading transgender athletes and…

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