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Career Advice

How to apply for the Centrelink coronavirus supplement as a sole trader

The Federal Government has announced a supplement to Jobseeker payments from 27 April, with some waived requirements for sole traders.…


Screen Australia open for business - but business is changing

In these wretched days, screen agencies can offer new opportunities during the COVID-19 crisis. Here are some possibilities with Screen…


Coronavirus: Screen Australia and Screen Producers Australia talk crisis in public

SPA and Screen Australia muse in public about positive moves to pull sector forward.

Opinions & Analysis

Your internet getting the stutters? Here is why

Yes the net is under pressure but it is holding out, according to Monash scientists.


Coronavirus: what are producers doing right now?

The screen sector is freezing projects and protecting them, to be rebuilt quickly sometime in the post-COVID future. Producer Gus…


Streaming may cop data caps as NBN under stress

In a roundtable with Australian telecommunications operators, communications minister Paul Fletcher discussed managing the congestion issues the controversial NBN would…


Coronavirus – a catalyst for better digital programming and online projects

Every day more arts organisations announce digital programming in response to COVID-19. Here's some advice on how to go digital.


Minister meets arts leaders to plan coronavirus approach

The Hon Paul Fletcher met with arts leaders today to discuss how to support the industry as COVID-19 closes cultural…


MEAA's advice on Covid-19

Don't panic, be sensible, think like a very big cat. Smart advice for a crowded industry.


Screen News in Brief: Virus hits, industry waits, life goes on for now

Coronavirus attacks Elvis on Gold Coast while Ten hacked up by ViacomCBS. Lots more in this roundup.

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