Bringing learning into the workplace with Open Channel

Open Channel short courses and professional attachments help aspiring creators get in the workplace early.
Bringing learning into the workplace with Open Channel


Open Channel carries a long and proud tradition of connecting emerging and early career filmmakers with existing leaders in the screen industry. However, as the landscape has shifted Open Channel have evolved their courses to better suit the contemporary media world, where inspired and fresh voices often emerge from diverse backgrounds, be that tertiary courses, the online world, self-taught film-making and other artistic fields.

With this in mind, Open Channel offers not just courses for those wishing to extend their skills and knowledge, but also a professional attachment program, connecting new creatives with industry leaders.

‘Students don’t need information anymore, not now that they've got the internet! What they need is real-life experience, one that’s responsive to the modern environment,’ said Daniel Schultheis, Training Manager at Open Channel. ‘And they need networks - that’s where we can help.’

Check out their full short-course calendar here, or if you’re extra-keen here’s more about their Professional Attachments Program

Lizzie Lamb

Thursday 17 March, 2016

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