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Fine Music 102.5 (previously 2MBS FM) is Australia's first Stereo FM broadcaster and has been in operation for over 40 years.The operation of the Society's radio station by volunteers is a deliberate choice - run by music lovers for music lovers. It is fundamental to the idea of community radio. We broadcast Fine Music programs, Jazz, Australian New Music and Youth programs to 500,000 listeners per month (McNair Survey Feb 2017).

We have a small team of staff with 3 full time members and 1 part time member. The organisation is run through a committee structure with everything from reception through to cataloguing, library, presenting and programming carried out by 320 volunteers. We also have approximately 50 volunteers who deliver our monthly magazine, Fine Music, to many of our subscribers across Sydney.

Mission: To share the love of Fine Music through Broadcasting

We are committed to contributing to the cultural landscape of Sydney and Western Sydney through supporting emerging and established musicians, ensembles and orchestras. Our arts partnerships provide free or very reasonable promotional packages including on air announcements, web and print advertising. We sponsor many emerging artists by providing media support and advice.  

The station is also committed to enthusing and educating young people through its Youth Development and Internship programs. Through the internship program, students are given the opportunity to create their own music programs, present and gain an understanding of library cataloguing. Some of our younger volunteers at the station have come through the internship program. Our Youth Development program runs the Young Peformers and Young Composers Awards annually. The performances and compositions created through these programs are broadcast on the weekly Youth Development Hour.

Fine Music 102.5 has a long history of community involvement and has a network of arts partners in Sydney and the Western Suburbs. Our team of volunteer recording engineers record many live performances by ensembles in venues as varied as the Sydney Opera House to the North Shore Synagogue, community halls and St James Church in the CBD.

We record highlights from smaller festivals around Sydney such as the CrossRoads Festival on the Central Coast and we also do live broadcasts from such events as the Manly Jazz Festival and the Open Day at the Sydney Conservatorium. Ensembles recorded include Selby and Friends, Music Viva concerts, Sydney Omega Ensemble and many nationally and internationally renowned soloists.

We also record most of the community orchestras in and around Sydney from the Penrith Symphony to the Willoughby Symphony. These recordings not only provide program content for the station which truly reflects the current music activities of the Sydney cultural landscape but also provides the artists with archival copies of their performances for their own evaluation and promotional purposes. We promote our arts partners activities on air and through our weekly e-news and our monthly Fine Music magazine.

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