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Wanita leans out of car waving on parade

Director Matthew Walker on making I'm Wanita

Making I'm Wanita was a five year crusade through the perils of a very difficult craft.

Fountain at American Film Market

Getting the US screen sales event of the year on the cheap

You can attend the American Film Market online at a much cheaper price than a regular ticket.

flying strike banner

US screen strike action is close to the brink

Only in LA would crew union IATSE hire a sky ad to campaign for strike action. They are remarkably united…

Jane Campion, director of The Power of the Dog, at Canne

'The Power of the Dog' and Jane Campion triumph overseas, attracting piracy

Toronto triumph for Jane Campion, but wowsers may be after Phil Noyce for 'Lakewood'. Can't we have fun any more?

Huge SF dock complex by Ian Hubert

Discovering Ian Hubert, Blender, and low-budget VFX mastery

Meet Ian Hubert, Blender VFX artist, builder of worlds, astounder of accountants. Our dreams can be bigger than we imagine.

Screenshot from Phantom Abyss by Team WIBY, published by Devolver Digital

Phantom Abyss is online multiplayer without the scheduling nightmare

Team WIBY's Ben Marrinan explains how they developed Phantom Abyss for a generation who treats games as a digital living…


Indigenous games express culture through play

From couch co-ops to interactive narrative, these games showcase the incredible diversity of culturally-informed, Indigenous-made games from around the world.


Wholesome Direct's journey to E3

From Discord to the front page of Twitch, Wholesome Games is changing the face of games. Wholesome Games founder Matthew…


YouTube's TikTok competitor reaches the US

Youtube has started the US Beta for its TikTok competitor, Youtube Shorts. The short-form video format was first announced in…


Showcase: painfully real and fabulously meta

A web series from Bric, a community site in Brooklyn, is about making a web series from Bric, a community…

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