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Attagirl to launch careers of more women, trans and non-binary folk

For Film's Sake enters the second year of the Attagirl incubator program.


Canada's magic potion for culture

Canada provides much better support to their arts and screen sectors than Australia. What are we doing wrong?


Toronto: now open to international shorts

One of the many announcements made in Berlin to escape our notice at the time was from Toronto's Artistic Director…


Film Competition: Toronto tempts short filmmakers with tasty prize

Tasty is a good name for this prize set because the whole thing is sponsored by Grolsch, which is owned…


post-TIFF 2013: too big for indies and foreign films to cut through?

László Kriston reflects on a festival growing like a vast cloud to obscure the sun of true art, and the…


IMAX: Chairman & President Greg Foster has attack of frankness with home-town audience

What is it like to control the wild card in the pack of international exhibition? László Kriston found IMAX supremo…


Participant Media: Jeff Skoll goes out to save the world, with movies

The movie trade is not just a strange, seething morass of greed and idealism, it can also prove that greed…


Toronto 2013: going around the block and beyond the edge - the good oil on whole fest from true insi

László Kriston, professional festival devotee, interviews Jane Scboettle, festival powerhouse. With formal responsibility for our region, she discusses the fate…


Toronto: 2013: Felony feels the benefits of Beneroya

That one of Hollywood’s leading venture capitalists was funding almost half of a mainstream Aussie movie’s budget is concrete proof…


Toronto 2013: what won what for who

Steve McQueen is breaking towards the mainstream and Oscar contention with 12 Years a Slave. In a brutally competitive field,…

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