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School and Student Liaison Officer

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Position Description

  • Support the unique nature of FFFCS and its relationship with FFFC for the benefit of the students and the FFFC
  • Liaising with FFFC students, parents, schools and FFFC staff and the circus community.
  • Supporting students at both the FFFC School, Wodonga Senior Secondary College and at other training institutes to ensure they are achieving their potential in the key areas of academic, social, creative and physical.
  • Overseeing the co-ordination of student welfare issues in conjunction with other key staff.
  • Participating in Student Support Group (SSG) meetings as required to help ensure a consistent management of student behavioural and cultural issues at the school and circus.
  • Negotiating schools approvals for rehearsals, tours and other explained absences and completing any necessary paperwork.
  • Central contact point for parents/guardians or students with enquiries regarding the academic and circus programs.
  • Arranging student travel to and from circus and school.
  • Coordinating parent and student communication for rehearsals, tours and additional schedules, including transportation, and communicating with the staff of the educational providers.
  • Monitoring student attendance at school and circus training to provide data analysis and identify trends
  • Arrange and manage Parent/Student meetings with FFFC trainers
  • Facilitate and coordinate a range of student wellbeing programs as required
  • Help to advise and guide students on career pathways and subject choices in conjunction with school and circus staff
  • Monitoring the care and wellbeing of students who have relocated from outside the area.
  • Attending school committee meetings and Friends of Fruit Fly meetings.
  • Coordinating the enrollment process and conducting exit interviews in conjunction with senior staff.
  • Developing our wellbeing program and building relationships with local medical and wellbeing providers.
  • Acting in the shared role of Child Protection Officer
  • Support the FFFCS AP/coordinator regarding school programs
  • Provide FFFC with dates of school activities that would impact on students’ participation in circus training or events, in a timely manner.
  • Liaise with staff of FFFCS and WSSC to collect appropriate school work for students engaged in extended rehearsals and/or tours
  • Liaise with parents/guardians and teachers of students involved in extended rehearsal and/or tours regarding expectation of completion of school work and study.
  • Liaise with the appropriate FFFC staff to ensure appropriate space for completion of school work and internet connectivity for students during extended rehearsal and tours periods.
  • Any other tasks appropriate to this role as may be directed by the FFFC Chief Executive Officer.
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Opportunity Type
Part Time
Arts Admin & Finance

Regional New South Wales Albury/Wodonga

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