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Co-producer wanted for a short genre film

Co-producer wanted to help produce ‘The Little Pin Up’ - an 18-minute action adventure thrill ride with a healthy splash of heart, comedy and real life, gun-totting pin up girls. 

Project/film title: The Little Pin Up

Story Pitch

Max’s perfect, nine-year-old reality comes crashing down when he gets the wrong Pin Up Toy for Christmas – The Little Pin Up. The only way she can win his affection is to go to war against the evil Snow Bunny, a Pin Up toy that threatens to enslave Max’s entire neighbourhood.

The Little Pin Up is an action fairy tale about good versus evil and both the power and corruption that comes from needing to be loved.

Project mission

The plan is to fund the films 25,000 dollar budget on Kickstarter (or from other sources) and prep the film this year and next for a 2-3 week shoot around Feb/March next year. 

This short film is aimed squarely at international genre film festivals, the main one being the ‘Sitges’ genre festival in Catalonia.

I am also looking for a co-producer who can potentially improve my plan and add better ideas to the creation of the project. 

The workload

This film is unusually large for a short film and will rely on a mostly volunteer cast and crew. This will allow the majority of the films budget to go towards the stunts, sound, SFX and large amount of props, costumes and dressings that will be needed to build a convincing fantasy world for the drama and action to take place in.  

The main challenge for the film will be the months of pre-production needed to get everything together for the shoot. 

What I am looking for

A serious minded producer who’s not afraid of excel spreadsheets, kick-starter campaigns, schedules, budgets, phones calls, emails and all of the other mundane tasks that create a short film. Good organisational skills, communication and an eye for detail are essential.

Someone who is passionate, hard working, hungry for new challenges and experience and who is willing to be allocated tasks each week and is prepared for regular communication during each stage of production.

Also, prior experience either paid or non paid, or formal film or media education is essential. Ideally I would like to work with someone who has already dealt with Kickstarter campaigns or raising film finance - but this is non-essential.

Male or female over the age of 23 can apply.

Who I am

My name is Kurt, I am a 36 year old Melbournian who has studied film and media. I have worked on projects small and large in the past and am looking to get back into entering the industry with this short film. Please contact me via email if you have any further questions about myself or the project. 

What has been done so far

-Script completed  
-Rough budget completed (film will be around 25K)
-Some connections made in regards to the film stunts, armoury and safety. 
-A rough sense of potential film crew and equipment hire venues

Opportunity Type
Film / Television Production


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Co-producer wanted for a short genre film
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