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Project Development

This program supports the development of linear Tasmanian screen content that results in increased local screen creativity and production. The program drives development of Tasmanian practitioners’ creative skills and Tasmanian stories.

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What is the program?

This is Screen Tasmania’s Project Development program, providing support for development of market-driven linear screen content in all genres that demonstrate potential for, and actual, audience engagement and marketplace support.

Screen Tasmania reserves the right to vary these guidelines as necessary. In exceptional circumstances, Screen Tasmania also reserves the right waive some requirements.

What is funded?

The project must be intended for production in Tasmania, or provide clear and demonstrable benefits to the Tasmanian screen production industry.

Your project can be:

  • intended for theatrical, online, broadcast, or digital delivery
  • linear narrative drama (including comedy) or documentary
  • live action, animation, or hybrid
  • intended for adults or children.

Screen Tasmania can fund:

  • series with episodes of at least a commercial half-hour, or a commercial quarter-hour for children’s programming
  • single-episode drama or comedy projects of at least a commercial hour
  • single episode documentary projects of at least a commercial half-hour, and
  • short-form series projects with at least three episodes of approximately 3-15 minutes duration.

What is offered?

Under this program, Screen Tasmania can provide funding for two stages of a project’s development process, across three categories. In most instances, applicants may only receive funding once per stage.

In all cases, a proportion of the development budget is for an experienced script editor or creative producer to assist in the development process. Screen Tasmania is able to help you identify such a person if needed.

Short-form series booster – grant up to $25 000

This funding is only available for short-form series projects and is for the scripting and/or production of a portion of the project to be used to raise marketplace interest.

Screen Tasmania can fund multiple applications for a single project under short-form series booster, but the combined funding cannot exceed $25 000.

Examples of activities funded are:

  • the development of pitch materials related to financing
  • market and financing travel
  • budget and schedule preparation, and
  • producer fees (not exceeding $2 000).

The funding cannot cover purchase of equipment or software or reformatting of an existing project.

Intermediate stage funding – recoupable grant up to $15 000

Intermediate stage funding is not available for short-form series projects.

Intermediate stage funding is principally for developing ideas and projects to the level that they can attract marketplace support. The creative team is expected to have completed early stage development of a project before applying for intermediate support.

Support is available to prepare pitch documents, series bibles, draft scripts and/or for travel to engage with the market (capped in line with the Industry Development program’s business travel guidelines). While there is no requirement for projects to have marketplace interest at the intermediate stage, preference will always be given to projects that can demonstrate this.

Advanced stage funding – recoupable grant up to $25 000

Advanced stage funding is not available for short-form series projects.

Support is offered exclusively to projects that can demonstrate marketplace interest for the development of episode outlines, draft scripts and non-draft expenses related to financing a project.

While advanced stage funding is only available once, Screen Tasmania reserves the right to allow multiple applications in exceptional circumstances (for example, evidence of significant and ongoing marketplace support).

For advanced stage funding you may apply for support with non-draft related costs including:

  • the development of pitch materials related to financing
  • marketing consultancies
  • market and financing travel
  • budget and schedule preparation
  • preliminary casting costs
  • production of audio-visual material, and
  • producer fees (not exceeding $2 000).


In addition to meeting the general eligibility criteria detailed in the General Guidelines, in all categories applicants must:

  • be, or have attached to the project, a Tasmanian key creative such as a writer, producer or director (expatriate and non-Tasmanians should refer to the General Guidelines for eligibility details)
  • be, or have attached to the project in a key creative role, an experienced practitioner as defined in the General Guidelines (short-form series must at minimum have an emerging practitioner)
  • have control of copyright of the project as defined in the General Guidelines.

All projects must demonstrate that the project has been developed to a reasonable level (beyond early-stage development) before applying.

Projects that have previously been unsuccessful in securing Screen Tasmania funding will only be eligible to reapply if the project has changed significantly, or if Screen Tasmania specifically invites such an application. If resubmitting you must clearly demonstrate how the project has changed.

Projects that have unsuccessfully applied twice will not be eligible to reapply.

Projects that have received development funding from another Screen Tasmania program (such as a special initiative) may still apply to this program.

Additional eligibility requirements: advanced stage funding

Projects must provide documented evidence of genuine marketplace interest.

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09 Jun 2020
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