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VicHealth Partnership Grants

This is one of the new VicHealth Partnership Grants, which present new funding opportunities for a diverse range of organisations to propel community wellbeing and health promotion initiatives into unchartered territory with a multi-million dollar funding pool.

Organisations from across sectors can explore which of the VicHealth Partnership Grants could best help deliver the maximum health and wellbeing impact, and how partnerships can drive positive health outcomes for Victorians.

We invite all kinds of organisations to consider how they might access VicHealth Partnership Grants through innovative partnerships with organisations who qualify as official funding recipients (e.g. Local Councils). By the same token we invite organisations who qualify as funding recipients to think outside the box and consider who they could partner with to deliver the best possible outcomes for Victorians.

VicHealth Partnership Grants will pool VicHealth funding opportunities into two grant rounds per year. The first round opens in November 2019 and the second round will follow in the second half of 2020, after which they’ll fall into a predictable calendar pattern that your team can plan for each year.

Explore which VicHealth Partnership Grants you could apply for here.

About this grant

Arts and creative approaches have great potential to enhance health promotion strategies. They can meaningfully engage people with complex issues and generate new solutions, and they can increase community engagement alongside other strategies that are being used to address the health problem, such as policy change or organisational development.

Arts and culture can expose root issues, incorporate and amplify the voices and concerns of those who have been underrepresented, and change our very interpretation and configuration of a given health reality – bringing new and necessary dimensions into focus.

- Creating Healthy Communities through Cross-sector Collaboration

The Art of Good Health Partnership Grant harnesses the power and potential of the arts to engage individuals and communities in activities that improve their health and wellbeing by:

  • activating new strategic funding partnerships across arts, cultural and community organisations, and their local councils
  • trialling and delivering new projects to improve health and wellbeing, using arts and creative approaches
  • building new evidence.

The Art of Good Health program will provide support for councils to design new projects that address health problems or enhance health promotion strategies by introducing the role of arts and creative approaches within them. Our aim is to increase the use and application of arts and creative approaches within local health promotion strategies and programs.

Getting started? Some key reading below.

The VicHealth Arts Strategy 2019-2023 outlines how we are aiming to improve health and wellbeing through the arts, particularly how we want to embed the arts and creative industries across our work.

Partnerships are critical for the Art of Good Health Partnership Grants. Resources to help develop strong partnerships include:

What's on offer?

VicHealth will fund up to ten $10,000-$15,000 grants commencing in May 2020, to support planning for up to $150,000 of additional funding available in late 2020.

Funding stages

Stage 1: An initial $10,000-$15,000 over a four-month period in early-mid 2020, to support development of new innovative and strategic partnerships between local councils, arts and creative agencies, and other health and community agencies in order to jointly develop a detailed project plan that can be delivered in Stage 2.

Stage 2: Potential for up to $150,000 of additional funding. The project plans from Stage 1 with the greatest potential for impact will be funded over a two-year period, from 2020-2022. VicHealth will establish a separate process for this selection during 2020.

Who can apply?

This funding opportunity is open to Victorian local councils.

We encourage local councils to think laterally about forging new partnerships to improve health and wellbeing through the arts. Or alternatively, building on current partnerships to include an arts for health focus.

Victorian local councils are encouraged to forge partnerships with diverse organisations such as, but not limited to:

  • Arts, creative and cultural sector organisations*
  • Community organisations
  • Health services and community health organisations
  • Organisations from the digital and communications sectors
  • Organisations working with disability communities, LGBTIQ communities, culturally and linguistically diverse communities
  • Organisations working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities

For arts, community and health organisations

Local councils must be the primary recipient of the Art of Good Health Partnership Grant. We encourage arts, community and health organisations to think laterally about how they could partner with a local council to deliver activities to maximise the health and wellbeing outcomes for their community through the arts. We encourage these organisations to approach their local council with these ideas so they can apply.

For councils

We invite local councils to think outside the box and consider what combinations of arts/health/community organisations they could partner with to deliver the best possible outcomes for Victorians, and outline this in their application. This may entail development of new partnerships, or working with current partners in new and different ways.

* The arts and creative industries are a collection of interconnected sectors that have creativity at their core. These include the performing arts, visual arts, design and craft, cultural festivals, literature, museums, online, digital and electronic arts. The arts and creative industries include commercial, community, experimental and traditional activities. There are various methods of participation (active, receptive, decision making) across a range of settings (public spaces, galleries, venues, home, workplaces, schools).

Can councils apply for both of the arts grants?

The VicHealth Partnership Grants include two opportunities related to arts and health; one is the Art of Good Health and the other is Everyday Creativity. Councils can apply for both of these grants, however it is important to note the difference between them.

The Art of Good Health grants focus on the development of arts and creative solutions to our priority health challenges – increasing physical activity, preventing tobacco use, improving mental wellbeing, preventing alcohol harm, promoting healthy eating. The Everyday Creativity grants will support the development of new approaches to making more art and cultural experiences available to more people more often.

Local councils can submit applications to both grant rounds, provided that the projects align to these distinct focus areas.

What we will fund

Many people spend significant periods of their recreation time engaging with the arts, so there is an opportunity for creative and cultural sectors provide a platform for a variety of issues that affect health and wellbeing.

We are interested in ideas that leverage cross-sector partnerships to:

  • encourage regular physical activity
  • prevent tobacco use
  • improve mental wellbeing
  • prevent harm from alcohol products
  • promote healthy eating.

All of these health and wellbeing issues play out differently in local communities so we want to hear the ideas, the actions and the strategies you can develop through new partnerships with a shared project plan. Local government can and should play a leadership role in this area and help build capacity and commitment across a broad range of partners.

We recommend that you read VicHealth’s Action Agenda and Imperative strategies to understand how VicHealth is working in each of the areas outlined above. 

Key dates



Applications open and Funding Guidelines released

19 November 2019

Briefings via webinar

Tuesday 26 November, 11:00am – 12:00pm

Watch a recording the webinarhere(you can also download theslide deck,transcriptandquestions)

Applications close

12pm, 24 February 2020

Partnership Grant recipients notified

On or before 30 April 2020

Important documents

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Click here to download the information fact sheet for this funding round


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