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Major Project

Grant Amount

Upon application

Applicant Type



Film / Television Production


South Australia

South Australian Film Corporation

SA Revolving Loan Facility

The South Australian Revolving Loan Facility is an SAFC administered loan facility which supports the financing of South Australian film and television productions.

Through the South Australian Revolving Loan Facility, the SAFC provides secured loans to finance narrative-driven long-form drama and documentaries, which are either stand-alone projects or series, produced in South Australia with at least 50% of the production’s below-the-line costs expended in the state, and with a predominantly South Australian crew.

What is on offer?

Up to $850,000 per South Australian production company or project at any one time.

Key dates

Applications are open year round and are considered by the SAFC Board at the subsequent Board meeting after the application has been received. Applications must be received in full no later than 30 business days prior to a Board meeting.

Please note that SAFC Board dates may be subject to change at the SAFC’s discretion. Applicants can check latest Board dates and deadlines here.


Please contact us if you require these guidelines in an alternative format – see contact details for this program below.

How can I apply?

Submit your application through the SAFC’s online grant portal:

Before you apply, please make sure you are familiar with the SAFC’s Terms of Trade. Applicants are required to discuss their applications with the SAFC prior to submitting a completed application.

For more information, including eligibility requirements, evaluation criteria and application instructions, download the guidelines.

For more information, visit South Australian Film Corporation