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Production Finance Funding

Screen Territory will contribute to production finance of screen projects with significant Northern Territory content in order to build the capacity of the Territory screen industry as well as raise the profile of the Territory and Territory storytelling.

What you can apply for

Base funding is available up to $20 000 or up to 10% of the project’s expenditure in the Northern Territory, whichever is less.

This may be supplemented by additional incentives based on fulfilment of criteria set out in these guidelines, up to a maximum of $100 000 in total or 25% of the Northern Territory spend, whichever is less.

Applications for amounts above these thresholds may be considered in certain circumstances, with the prior endorsement of Screen Territory, where funding of $100 000 and above may be by way of a recoupable equity investment.

Who can apply

You can apply if:

  • you meet Screen Territory’s general eligibility criteria
  • you are a Northern Territory resident or company
  • you are a Northern Territory company in co-production relationship with a non-Northern Territory production company
  • you are a non-Northern Territory company you may be eligible to apply where significant benefits to the Northern Territory can be demonstrated.

How to apply

For more information, visit