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Presentation & Promotion

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Upon application

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Individuals and Organisations





Screen Tasmania

Games Development: Production and Release

Production and release can provide a maximum amount of $50,000 per project where a project is production-ready and its potential end user/target market and revenue streams can be confidently quantified.

Screen Tasmania will not provide more than 50 per cent of the development costs of the project (the value of in-kind services can be included in an applicant’s finance plan).

Screen Tasmania will recoup our support at a rate of 25 per cent of revenue until repaid in full with a 10 per cent premium.

However, the grant is only recoupable as sales of the completed and released game return money to the developer. If the game does not return money, Screen Tasmania does not recoup and does not seek any return from the project.

Any income received from sources other than sales of the finished game and additional content released for the finished game do not trigger recoupment of Screen Tasmania’s support. This includes crowd-funded donations or so-called ‘early access’ sales, but do include pre-orders of the finished game.

Larger projects, that seek in excess of $50,000 of support must apply through the Production Support program. In that program, support is provided as equity investment.

Depending on individual requirements, Screen Tasmania’s Business and Production Manager and Development Manager will provide assistance, advice and support to the applicant/team throughout the creative development, packaging and financing stages of the project to support it in advancing into production.

For more information, visit Screen Tasmania