Lynette Wallworth In Conversation with Katrina Sedgwick

Lynette Wallworth reflects on her years of storytelling through art and film, after the world premiere of her show HOW TO LIVE (After You Die).


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Event Starts

Jun 5, 2022

Event Ends

Jun 5, 2022


Cinema 1, Level 2


ACMI, Fed Square

Multi-Emmy Award-winning artist Lynette Wallworth is bringing her new solo show HOW TO LIVE (After You Die) to RISING, where she turns her distinctive artistic sensibility on herself. HOW TO LIVE… is a “spiritual search and rescue mission”, which sees Wallworth reflect on her deeply personal coming-of-age in a radical Christian community.

It’s the latest undertaking by Wallworth, whose unflinching focus on compelling and compassionate storytelling has seen her present to audiences of world leaders and corporate giants.

Known for her deft use of cutting-edge technology—from immersive installation to documentary to virtual and augmented reality—Wallworth continually innovates the form of her stories focused on evolving cultural change.

After her two shows at RISING, Wallworth will join ACMI Director Katrina Sedgwick in conversation. Sedgwick has watched Wallworth’s upward trajectory as an artist and filmmaker and has commissioned her work in various forms over many years. In this special In Conversation, the two will reflect on the deep themes of Wallworths’ works and the evolution of her practice, which has brought her to this point in time where she has decided to turn her laser lens on herself.

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