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Brief: Victorian editors showcase work on Brother's Nest

Sean Lander is respected, experienced etc. Brother's Nest was a unique production bred out of the Jacobsons collective mind. See the collision! Smile and maybe wince.
Brief: Victorian editors showcase work on Brother's Nest

This man is not Satan. He is an editor. As in screen editor. Print editors are in fact Satan's spawn.

Editor Sean Lander has the kind of range that makes for a good career in a world of new specialisations and hidden opportunities. He describes himself as an editor, producer, shooter. 

According to Australian Screen Editors he is the award winning editor of Labor in Power, Kenny and Grand Designs and has been an Avid trainer with 35 years experience. Recently he has worked on Everyone's a Critic for Matchbox, Million Dollar Cold Case for Seven, The AFL Recruit and Hangin' with Hoges. His CV is here, via his company, Rednail Media.


On November 2 at 7pm he will discuss his work on Brother's Nest.

'This blacker than black comedy is some of the most fun I’ve had in my career working as an editor,' he said on his blog.

'So satisfying. Once again teaming up with my great friend Clayton Jacobson we were able to mould a riveting story with razor sharp edges into existence.

'All editing done collaboratively in Final Cut Pro X. It really showed the power of this amazing NLE.

Within 24 hours of filming I had rough cuts done and all timecode rushes up on (another amazing tool for film makers) so crew could view them on their phones on location.

'This was thanks to two wonderful helper apps-  Shot NotesX and Sync and Link.'

Soundfirm is at 23/31 Fennell St, Port Melbourne. Members free, $10 for the rest of us, money well spent. 

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Wednesday 31 October, 2018

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