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The Screen Actors Space – a ‘Whole'-istic Approach to Screen Acting

The Screen Actors Space

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New Screen Acting School in Inner Sydney - One Year's Training with a Showreel

The Screen Actors Space – a ‘Whole'-istic Approach to Screen Acting

Are you an actor? What evokes your curiosity about acting? Do you feel you have the potential to offer something valuable in your acting to the public? What is it about a particular moment in performance that holds you spellbound?

A new acting school opening in Stanmore in Sydney’s inner west in is offering new opportunities to explore these questions and put the answers into practice with some of the most experienced professional teachers in Australia. The Screen Actor’s Space aims is to engage with and develop the ‘whole’ actor, an actor with confidence, craft and a broad psychological understanding of human behaviour.

Stephen Wallace AM, Ross McGregor, Lisa Schouw and Chrissie Koltai are acting teachers with many over a century of years’ experience between them! Ross McGregor and Stephen Wallace, have known each other for many years. Both taught at the Australian Film, TV and Radio School (AFTRS) and both have directed film and theatre. Chrissie Koltai has worked with both of them in theatre movement and dancing and Lisa Schouw is a voice and singing teacher who has worked extensively with Ross.

Their shared passion is to put into practice what they call ‘whole-istic training. Their course will work with small groups of motivated students where they can tailor the teaching to the individual acting student. “We are interested in teaching without a set curriculum or style, to develop a way to find what each student needs to find their path to the freedom of acting with ease,” says Stephen. “While structured classes will be part of the process we will keep the individual student’s needs front and centre.”

Importantly, all teachers will provide a safe environment where trust is firmly established and where teachers and students together can begin to engage with, understand and quietly remove the barriers that connecting to the acting process.

“We encourage and promote positive self-reflection as a path to healthy acting, without which there can be no progress. To this end we offer hard work in a creative, simple and safe place to develop our students’ talent,” adds Ross.

The full year course – which includes a personalised showreel - runs over four terms from July to June, one morning, one afternoon and one evening a week. Auditions for the initial intake of 12-15 students take place from the end of April through May with Term 1 starting 2 July. Applications close on Friday 23 April.

Full details, including online application are available at

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