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Say you’ve spent 10-15 years building your business and reached the point where you want A. to get bigger and/or B. to bring in an investor or C. to sell your company. What do you do next?

INVESTOR READY is for anyone who’s reached that point or wants to start preparing for it:

  • Finding an equity partner to invest in your business
  • Negotiating a merger with another company like yours
  • Selling your business to a bigger company
  • Readying your business to carry on after your exit

None of these things just happen. You have to work towards them. In this program, we’ll show you how.

How To Apply


  • INVESTOR READY is delivered in two parts: 1. WORKSHOPS. A series of 3 intensive two-day workshops where you will learn key methods and strategies and
  • working in groups
  • take part in a detailed case study showing how to put these methods and strategies into practice. 2. PRIVATE COACHING. A personal business planning program where you will develop an Investor Ready Plan for your company through

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