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Leadership is about making great things happen with great people at the intersection of creativity, business and technology.

  • Recognising the leader you are

    What does leadership look like and are you ready to take ownership of it? Your taste, track record and personal qualities are the quickest indicators of what you stand for. These emerge from your values – what really matters to you. But what is your vision? Do you have a compelling story to tell?

  • The power of persuasion

    Leadership in the creative industries is rarely about command and control. Rather, it requires the creation of a compelling story to inspire and incentivise others to follow your vision. We invite leaders who have mastered this skill to share their knowledge and you will work with them to develop your own narrative.

  • Leadership strategies

    In a highly disrupted landscape, new strategies for leadership need to be developed, at the intersection of creativity, business and technology. We examine case studies that offer new ideas about leadership. We also look at gender and cultural diversity and how these impact on leadership.

  • Key relationships

    Getting the best from collaborators, stakeholders, investors, mentors, sponsors and networks. Each of these relationships has its own language and shared rules and leaders need to understand the nuances. We explore the idea of ‘weightless management’ in creative enterprises.

  • Strategic risk-taking

    Navigating uncertainty and developing the courage to exploit cultural and business opportunities. We present The Dressmaker as a case study in turning a risky proposal into a smash hit.

  • The influencers

    We investigate the leaders who have shaped the creative sector in which they operate. What is their take on the future and how best to engage with it? What will the next generation of leaders look like?

  • Making it your business

    We examine your leadership role in finding the pathways and collaborators who can help you secure a sustainable creative business. We review the changing face of entrepreneurship and the strategies that will be important in the future.

    • The course will be delivered over four two-day workshops, combining lectures, discussions and group exercises.
    • Participants will work in groups on a live business case study and prepare a leadership strategy for a business undergoing transition in the creative economy.
    • On the final day, the groups will pitch their work to a panel of experts.
    • There will be a maximum of 16 participants.

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  • -Recognising the leader you are -The power of persuasion -Leadership strategies -Key relationships -Strategic risk-taking -The influencers -Making it your business

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