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Bachelor Degree

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New South Wales

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Jul 22, 2024


5 Years

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Program Code: 2800, CRICOS Code: 096799C

Western Sydney University

Bachelor of Information Systems / Bachelor of Laws

This double degree will increase your marketability in these diverse career fields as you will be multi-skilled in information systems and law. The Bachelor of Information Systems allows you to collaborate with businesses and real community-based problems to learn about the applications of computing and information systems in the context of a global business environment. The Bachelor of Laws program satisfies the academic degree requirements for admission to practice as an Australian lawyer. Students will engage in collaborative face-to-face problem and case-based learning, receive online learning materials, and participate in authentic assessment to develop knowledge and skills.

Information Systems and Laws at Western

In the Bachelor of Information Systems, students collaborate with an organisation in an industry-based setting on a project to solve a real community-based problem. The project involves the design, development, deployment and further management of the information system. The Bachelor of Laws equips students with the professional legal skills and knowledge required by the Legal Profession Admission Board (LPAB) for admission to legal practice in NSW, and to solve legal and non-legal problems. Students develop skills in problem-solving, critical thinking, research, communication, collaboration, self-management, along with ethical and professional awareness and judgement. Students develop skills in legal advocacy, negotiation and legal technology while extending professional and learning experiences through work integrated learning, clinical placement, and international exchange engagements. Students can also undertake specialised study in topical local and international law and practical experiences. Note: Not all subjects are available on listed campuses. Please refer to our handbook for more information.
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