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Welcome to Pigdon Street

A few years ago, group of friends and film lovers banded together in the city's inner northern suburbs, projecting their short films, documentaries and audio-visual art guerilla-style throughout the suburbs. Vacant lots, blank alley walls and bedsheets in backyards served as the silver screens for the first-ever Pigdon Street International Film Festival.

The Festival has blossomed since these humble beginnings, moving to private screening venues and showcasing art and film from countries around the world to it's dedicated Melbourne fanbase.

The Pigdon Street International Film Festival, or 'PigStreetFest' as it has become commonly known in the local scene, remains both a bright reminder of Melbourne's cultural hubs and a contributing factor to Melbourne's reputation as one of the world's flashpoints for new film, comedy and live performance.

Please read the following information before submitting your film

Selection Process

Our selections go through a three step process:

  • Nominations

    Films nominated for each category will be contacted on the notification date, and listed on our website and social media pages. Nominated filmmakers are invited to join the event, although only the films in the Official Selection (below) will be screened.

  • Official Selection

    Films selected for screening will be notified if they have been considered to be part of Pigdon Street International Film Festival (PSIFF)’s Official Selection on the notification date (October 31st). Screening materials will be requested and more information about the event will be provided.

  • Winners

    Award winners will be selected from the Nominations & Official Selection and announced at our festival, after the screenings, and online the following day.

    Awards will include certifications and laurels, treats, and exclusive online distribution deals, and will be given in the following categories:

    Best Comedy
    Best Drama
    Best Documentary
    Best Experimental
    Best Music Video
    The Golden Pig for Best Overall Film

Submission Rules & Criteria

✴ Submitting a film to the Pigdon Street International Film Festival is free, and will always be free.

✴ Films must be submitted by Midnight, October 1st, 2020. No exceptions will be made.

✴ There is no geographical restriction to submissions. Both international and local filmmakers will be given equal weighting.

✴ All films must be submitted in English or with English subtitles.

✴ Films must have been produced on or after January 1st 2017.

✴ Filmmakers are responsible for clearing the copyright on their own materials. This includes music rights. PSIFF is unable to accept your film if music rights are not cleared.

✴ By submitting to PSIFF, you give us the right to screen your film in front of a live audience in Melbourne, Australia.

✴ Successful films will be notified by the nomination date (October 13th) via email.

✴ PSIFF may promote your film on social media, based on the press kits you provide us with.

✴ PSIFF retains the right to change the date and venue of the festival under special circumstances. All filmmakers will be informed about any changes through our online platforms.


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Thursday 1 October, 2020

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