Australasia's Film Festival of Time

Australasia's Film Festival of Time: Sci-Fi / Animation / Horror (Expired)

The greatest Sci-Fi / Fantasy, Animation, Horror and History Films playing soon in Melbourne Australia!

Join us for Year 3 of our amazing Festival - we want your space stories, your Fantastical Action-Adventures, your Westerns, your 1st Nations Stories and anything else you think deserves to play on the big screen!

For our 2nd year screening soon, we are putting a spotlight on 1st Nations & Indigenous Films as well as Animations - all of which are FREE!

In 2020 AFFT will premiere and present your films in a showcase unlike any other! We aim to offer a brilliantly crafted range of diverse and artistic programming which will highlight political, cultural and spiritual issues around the globe. It's going to be quite the adventure.

Join us 2020 by submitting today and ensure your film plays on the big screen!

Awards & Prizes

Australasia's Film Festival of Time offers awards for the following categories.

Best Australian Film + Best Melbourne Filmmaker
Best NZ Film + Best Auckland Filmmaker
Best Asian Film + Best Japanese Filmmaker

Best of Category:
Shorts, Animation, Screenplay, Features

Best of Genre:
Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror, History, Period Piece, Documentary.

Awards Include:
- Entry to Multiple Festivals for Free - as part of the Zsofi Film Fest Alliance
- Reviews and Critique by cinéciné Film Reviews
- Prize Packs from

Rules & Terms

Film Festival of Time – Terms and conditions:

Please note: The following points are just a summary of the most important points from our terms and conditions and not legally valid. To see our full and legally valid terms and conditions please refer to our website:


1.) You own all the necessary rights of your submission project and your project was created by yourself.

2.) You can submit as many projects as you would like to while you have to pay a fee for each submission. These fees are not refundable.

3.) Your submission must not violate any laws of any country.

4.) Submissions begin being accepted on Oct 3, 2019. Productions may have been released in Jan 2018 and onwards.

5.) Your project must be submitted via FilmFreeway, located at:

6.) Festival of Time film festival may use your project or extraction of your projects to promote the festival as well as create a monetised viewable collection ‘BEST IN SHOW’ or within a genre collection screener for Festival Attendees only. This collection is mainly used for advertisement for the festival as well as to perform one or more online screenings for the festival. If the project is shown in this collection you have no entitlement to any remuneration as a result of the revenues associated with this collection.


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Awards & Prizes