Short Film (Expired)

This is a call out for interested actors to join a production by the Advanced Diploma of Film class of  the UOW innovations campus. The production LASAGNA is  a comedy, inspired by (and aspiring towards) the most enduring and popular classic Australian comedies such as the Castle and Muriel's wedding. We anticipate that, it will be under 30 mins, with scenes  mostly  filmed around the Illawarra region and with most of the shoot scheduled on agreed days between August and September 2020. If you have a penchant for comedic performance, we would love to collaborate with you (no financial renumeration available but intangible satisfactions are plenty).

We are looking for 4 characters. A man and a woman who can play a married couple in their early to mid 50’s. And also a man and a woman who can play a young university student couple in their late teens or early 20’s.

Below you will find a logline that very briefly describes the story of the film. If you are excited by the prospect of joining such a project, please email . we can forward a more elaborate description of the characters for your further consideration.

Logline: One Saturday morning  Mr and Mrs K argue over the unpleasant dinner of the previous night when they were introduced to their son’s new girlfriend, at the same time that his ex was visiting.  That same morning, their son Tim also finds he has to contend with his irate new girlfriend Celia who he lives with. The atmosphere becomes even more unbearable when his father arrives, having been forced to visit Tim by his mother.  Suddenly Mr K finds himself stuck in the bathroom due to  a severe bout of illness. The crisis forces both couples to own up to some home truths.


Friday 19 June, 2020
Monday 29 June, 2020
UOW Innovations campus
Venue Address
Squires Way

New South Wales , Wollongong