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World Monologue Film Festival

World Monologue Film Festival

A film festival that provides an answer to lockdown. 

Restrictions, and the mere threat of the same, are making live and film production a very risky  proposition, leaving creatives all over the world twiddling their thumbs while waiting for a battered  industry to reopen. As eager as we are to get on with it, the reality of our current situation is that  normalcy may still be a year or several away.  

But the new normal hasn’t slowed everyone down. Enter Pete Malicki, Sydney producer and creative  industries innovator known for running the longest short play festival in history. Last year he launched  the hugely successful World Monologue Games, which saw 3,000 performers from 85 countries compete  in over 20 livestream events to an audience of over 70,000. He’s back in 2021 with World Monologue  Film Festival (WMFF), an event designed with lockdown conditions in mind.  

World Monologue Film Festival will be screened at Dendy Newtown in Sydney on 21 April, with a virtual  Finals and Awards Night for a global audience. There is a raft of awards to be won, including a $500  AUD cash prize for Best Film.  

Deadline for submissions is 5 March, with a late deadline of 19 Mar.

Filmmakers and actors can find more information and register at



Monday 15 February, 2021
Friday 19 March, 2021
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