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The Bettison and James Award (Expired)

Recognising achievement and supporting individuals to continue lifelong work of benefit to the Australian community.

The Bettison and James Award has been established to recognise that many Australians have contributed exemplary and inspiring lifelong work of high achievement and benefit; and that the completion, extension, recording and/or dissemination of such work would have benefits for both the individual concerned and for the wider Australian community.

On an annual basis, it is hoped that the Award, which is provided in recognition of achievement, will provide the beneficiary with further time for activity that may continue to inspire, enrich and be of benefit to the community. Each year, the award will give $50,000 to a recipient who has contributed significantly in their area of expertise – which might include, among others, the arts and humanities, social justice, the environment or the sciences.

The Jim Bettison and Helen James Foundation was established to realise the vision of Dr Jim Bettison and Ms Helen James, who were committed to supporting a wide range of activity in the community through philanthropy and professional engagement.  Jim co-founded Codan, a successful and award-winning Adelaide company, established the Developed Image Photographic Gallery and served as Deputy Chancellor at the University of Adelaide. Helen was an exhibiting studio artist. She served on various key arts committees and was a founding member of the National Library of Australia’s Foundation Board.

Helen and Jim envisioned an Award that would be given annually to an individual whose lifetime work is of significant value and benefit to the community; and who could use the opportunity offered by the award to record, archive or extend that work; or to complete a project related to that work.

The recipient may have any area of expertise that may encompass, among others, the arts and humanities, social justice, science, the environment or sciences generally. A recipient must be demonstrably established in their field, discipline or sector in Australia, and must have engaged in a lifetime of work that is of significant value and benefit to the community.

The Jim Bettison and Helen James Foundation is working with the Adelaide Film Festival to facilitate the Bettison and James Award, commencing in 2015 with an award to be given each year.

Adelaide Film Festival is delighted to join this partnership with the Jim Bettison and Helen James Foundation and present an Award in honour of the vision and passion of Jim Bettison and Helen James.

Adelaide Film Festival aims to garner innovative partnerships and collaborate to create opportunities for Australian key thinkers and practitioners. This is done through the Adelaide Film Festival Investment Fund enabling bold new Australian screen stories, and through the Adelaide Film Festival presentation of the events that provide a deeper and more rigorous understanding of the way we live now and how we could live in the future.

The Jim Bettison and Helen James Award Advisory Committee for the Foundation will review all submissions and based on eligibility and strength of application, one or more recipients will be selected per year and will receive $50,000.

Perpetual acts as trustee for the Foundation.

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