CLIPPED Music Video Festival

CLIPPED Music Video Festival - 2020 Submissions

CLIPPED is Australia’s premiere Music Video Festival returns on it's 5th year in 2020. It will take place as part of Vivid Sydney on Saturday 13th June at SUNSTUDIOS and showcase work from around the world, with a particular focus on Australian & New Zealand Filmmakers.

CLIPPED continues to pioneer a unique festival format that includes the screening of high caliber music videos in an exhibition, award ceremonies / screening nights, premieres, VJs and even exclusive workshops. It will also host a number of discussion panels featuring a diverse lineup of acclaimed directors, filmmakers, music industry and artists.

Filmmakers & Artists are encouraged to submit their best music videos to be considered for the awards, prizes (to be announced soon) and opportunity to be showcased at the event in front of key industry personnel.

CLIPPED does not believe in charging music video creators exploitative fees for submitting their work. It's already a tough industry full of passionate people, many which are working on little budgets and therefore we're trying to offer up affordable opportunities for filmmakers to showcase their work. All of the funds go into making the event happen.

Awards & Prizes

Trophies / Awards are given to all winners. Prizes are listed in full on our website Program page at : CLIPPEDFESTIVAL.COM

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Rules & Terms

Main Rules:

• Official Music Videos released from Jan 2019 onwards are eligible only
• Artists can submit on behalf of filmmakers (with permission)
• Early Bird Deadline is 30th December 2019 ($15 USD entry)
• Primary Deadline is 1st March 2020 ($20 USD entry)
• Late Deadline is 1st April 2020 ($25 USD entry AUS) + ($30 USD entry INT)
• Student competition is defined by Director whom is a student at the time of completion of music video, within their course in Australia only.

Terms & Conditions :

1. CLIPPED MUSIC VIDEO FESTIVAL is open to submissions from people aged 16 or over from anywhere in the world. This includes artists, directors, agencies, production companies, commissioners, record labels and other professionals. Organisers reserve the right to verify the eligibility of entrants and check their identity in accordance with our privacy policy.

2. Entrants may submit as many works as they wish and must be authorised or gain permission from all relevant parties, involved or responsible for the creation of each video. This is the entrants responsibility to gain these permissions.

3. After submitting a work it becomes eligible to win prizes for a number of award categories relating to aspects of video production, creativity and location. Any of these categories or prize offerings can change or be removed at any time at the discretion of the organisers.

4. CLIPPED MUSIC VIDEO FESTIVAL is open to a broad range of work that has been completed or delivered to the artist or other client between 1st January 2018 and 1st May 2019 and those entering their videos warrant that each video entered was completed and delivered between those dates.

5. In order to enter you must complete the submission form through FILMFREEWAY and listen out for further instructions in case you are selected.

6. Entrant/s who submit work commit that they are authorised to do so and acknowledge that they have obtained all relevant rights and written permission from individuals featured in the entry.

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