1in3 for Women (Expired)

OZ AFRICAN TV (OATV) is currently inviting participant submissions for 1in3 for Women.

Short Project Description
Working with Women of Colour who work, play and/or live within the City of Melbourne; 1in3 for Women aims to reduce violence against women and community acceptance of Family Violence through improved attitudes to gender equity and respectful relationships.

Through storytelling, Women of Colour will benefit from increased connectedness with the community and reduced barriers to accessing support services. The program will build community capacity for family violence and gender equality through sessions focused on FV, promoting gender equality, women’s leadership and family safety as basic human rights. 

OATV is a platform that works to change public perception by showcasing inspirational lives, stories and achievements of people of African descent in Australia. The platform encourages a narrative that positively reflects Africans in Australia and challenges the recent media narrative.

Submission Requirements:
In order for the submission to be considered, you need to have interest in storytelling (any form and any level is welcome) and identify as a woman of Colour who plays, works and/or lives within the City of Melbourne.
You need to be available for 5 sessions: once per month from July - November 2020. The sessions will take place during the weekend.

This project is designed for community members who identify as women of colour with interest in culturally sensitive storytelling. Participants don’t need to have previous experience working in the prevention of family violence and gender equity sectors as this content will be covered in the training sessions.

Project activities:

1. Healthy Relationships scoping and design session with participants. The session allows community members and educators to identify educational learning outcomes and how best to shape the behaviours and attitudes of the community that will be built into the project including cultural sensitivity for specific needs of the community and build community capacity.

2. Once educational needs are identified, a tailored Healthy Relationships training package will be delivered to participants.

3. Storytelling workshop/s. Participants will learn to create culturally sensitive stories that contribute towards combating family violence and building healthy relationships.

4. Package stories. OATV will work with participants to archive (film/record/write) stories created by participants to be showcased across OATV digital platforms.

Cost: $0
Submission deadline: 27th June 2020.


Tuesday 16 June, 2020
Saturday 27 June, 2020
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