Melbourne Documentary Film Festival

Melbourne Documentary Film Festival 2020

We're taking documentary Down Under! Where you and your documentary are the star of our festival! Which thousands and thousands and thousands of people attend each year.

Over the last 4 years we have premiered over 400 documentaries in Australia. The Melbourne Documentary Film Festival is one of the biggest showcases of documentaries in the Southern Hemisphere. Over the course of the past 5 years, Melbourne Documentary Film Festival has become established as a rare treasure in the crowded and increasingly homogenous festival scene, without remaining in the slipstream.

Our fifth edition of our young, though quite well-known film event in the circuit promises also to add again to our own line-up of discoveries

Our festival might still be new, but it’s quickly rising to become one of the most well-respected and thought-provoking festivals in the world. Curating features from the world’s biggest and most prestigious global showcases, Melbourne Documentary Film Festival provides a leading platform for the most inventive creative nonfiction films of today.

We are currently recruiting for the world's finest documentary filmmakers + video essayists and the world's best documentaries/video essays to go head-to-head in our festival competition in Melbourne, Australia in 2020. We are looking for exclusive World, Australian or Melbourne premieres. for feature documentaries to showcase in our competition. Let our 45 media partners, and publicist get behind and help promote YOU and YOUR project Down Under and get just the right momentum and exposure behind your project launch in Australia.

Melbourne Documentary Film Festival (MDFF) is currently ranked for the 2nd time on Film Daily and is unofficially Australia's best indie documentary film festival and proudly independent. Melbourne Documentary Film Festival is the only documentary film festival in Australia to have a short documentary featured in the festival picked up by Netflix our selecting the documentary directly contributed to this short becoming a Netflix Original. Melbourne Documentary Film Festival is also now the biggest documentary-only festival in the Southern Hemisphere on Facebook and Twitter.

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Tuesday 14 January, 2020
Friday 8 May, 2020
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