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Machinima Film Festival: ACMI takes in monsters

ACMI is becoming a bit of a monster, offering continuing opportunities to Melbourne filmmakers which boundaries of protective complacency. The…

Company Announcements

Online short film website: The Marsupial Rises

Nice Shorts, announcing itself as ''Australia‚Äôs first dedicated online short film website'' is about to debut, with an eclectic and…

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Lab3000: AGIdeas International Design Week

Ralph Eggleston, director and production designer at Pixar Animation Studios, is to be a key speaker at lab 3000's International…

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D>Art: We're back..

D.Art starts next week, with its challenging works on screen: new experimental video works from around the world, a free…

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AFTRS: cutting edge on digital distribution

AFTRS has a free downloadable report on the use of new technology in distribution, which is partly a precursor to…


PLAYPEN: very, very disruptive

A psychology test, delivered to you over the internet, that endless fountain of truth.

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QUT appoints master documentary maker

Continuing to be an inspiration, doughtily independent documentary maker Mike Rubbo has been appointed by Queensland University of Technology's School…


PLAYPEN: art on a Friday afternoon

For this we have no words.

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Just to remind us they didn't forget, the AFC is adding its congratulations to the hubbub around the AIMIA Awards.

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SAFC: feedback for forum

SAFC wants feedback for South Australian Screen Industry Council from the local industry. The subject is of consuming interest -…

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